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The advantages of having A digital learning STRATEGY AND A BLENDED LEARNING approach

Having a digital learning strategy means implementing digital resources for the creation and management of training processes and activities. 

Blended learning, is the use of various digital resources combined with trainer led training and one-to-one coaching to meet training objectives.

This blending of training resources increases learner retention due to the diversity of instructional methods, but, there are other advantages.


Making time for training is always a challenge, but short “micro-learning” modules, available 24/7 on all supports (PC, Tablet, Smartphone), have the advantage of not only fitting within time constraints but also engaging learners   more easily and incite them to come back for more.

Trainer led trainings will continue to be essential, but it will be possible to reduce their duration and frequency because part of the training will be done upstream on the LMS via e-learnings. This "pre-training" has the advantage of aligning learners' knowledge before they arrive in training, which also saves time on the day getting to a common start off point for each participant.


Accent Conseil Advatages

The initial purchase and maintenance costs of the LMS /LMCS and  the project management for their implementation need to be diligently calculated, but the return on investment can be measured in various domains

- Money saved on transport, hotels, food and beverages with the reduction in the number of trainer led training sessions

- After the initial roll-out, L&D team members will have more time available as they will be doing fewer, time and energy consuming trainer led trainings and more centralised innovative course creation.   This rationalisation of L&D working practices can lead to a cost-effective redistribution of human resources for the company, and the aquiring of new  competencies for the L&D team which encourages retention and therefore limits recruitment costs.

- Increased awareness and use of the resources available to them gives learners better knowledge leading to higher competence in the workplace and increased motivation.  These are all major factors in creating value through higher productivity and internal succession planning.

Accent Conseil Advantages
Accent Conseil Advantages


Systems for the optimisation of training programs managed by your LMS such as gamification, enable learners to acquire new skills in a fun way and the notion of competition between peers develops sustainable commitment.

The interactions between learners during the virtual classroom sessions or the peer to peer projects are the ideal means to develop the team spirit and the sharing of knowledge which will only be reinforced during the periodic trainer led trainings, which also serve in engaging learners even more

Trainers in a classroom can statistically control understanding through digital solutions accessed via smartphones or tablets,  and learner’s retention can be checked with post training modules or quizzes on the LMS.  Once again,

all of these innovations result in the aquisition of new competencies for the training and development team, which helps to keep them engaged with the company.  


An employer that has the capacity to show clearly the L&D possibilities within their company increase their visibility and brand image which is essential in today’s highly competitive market for human talent. 

This can be achieved today with the creation an effective digital learning strategy, the implementation of the associated tools and the successful marketing of the offer.