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delegate successfully

The motivation, cohesion and performance of a team are enhanced by the effective delegation of activities and responsibilities by managers.


This training will give you the keys to master the art of delegation to improve the performance of your team and yourself.


Be able to delegate effectively based on the different parameters managers face        


Participants be able to decide which tasks to delegate, to whom and how to ensure the tasks are subsequently completed


Any manager or employee who has a role where team-work or project management is required



This course is open to anybody with an interest in increased professional performance


  The results of the pre-course quiz will allow for personalised examples to be used


Of the trainee:

- Quizzes during and after the training day

Of the training:

Post training survey


  Group exercises, interactive exchanges, workgroups


Digital presentations, videos,  written and / or digital hand-outs


Module 1: Why delegate

  • The benefits of effective delegation

  • And if we didn’t do it?

  • Managers past experiences of delegation (group exchange)


Module 2: The different types of delegation

  • Get-the-job-done delegation

  • Training delegation

  • Evaluation delegation

  • Empowerment delegation

  • Upward delegation


Module 3: Prepare the delegation

  • What - define the task with a smart objective 

  • Why - what type of delegation is this

  • Who – decide on candidates for the delegation

  • When - calculate is the timeframe

  • Where -  will this be on-the-job or distance delegation

30’ Pre-course e-learning + one day classroom training (8hrs)   

Module 4:  Start the delegation

  • Communicate the objective and the resources

  • Explain the reasoning for choosing them

  • Give the advantages for them

  • Agree on accountability

  • Agree deadlines


Module 5:  Manage the delegation

  • Support & communicate

  • Maintain contact

  • Avoid Micromanagement


Module 6:   Conclude the delegation

  • Validate that the task is completed correctly

  • Review on how to improve for the future

  • Give motivational thank-you’s

Conclusion:    Review of the day

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