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What are the key resources needed to implement a digital LEARNING strategy?


The resource that is the heart of any digital training solution, is the learning management system, the “LMS”.  This electronic, often cloud based resource, is the platform where e-learning modules, and educational resources such as videos and presentations are housed, ready for delivery to learners. It generates data and stats that will allow you to monitor and manage the progress of your teams,  and to measure the impact of your global training strategy.

Accent Conseil LMS
Accent Consei LCMS


The second essential element of a digital training solution, is a course creation tool to create your e-learning modules.  These are often referred to as authoring platforms / tools or LCMS’s – learning content management systems (not to be confused with the LMS).  Depending on your company’s requirements, you could have one or more LCMS’s under licence to produce dynamic learning modules or courses.  Once created, these resources are distributed to your learners via your LMS which in turn provides facilities such as on-line tutoring options, social interaction forums and statistics on learners progress through the programs. 


In certain situations, digital courses can be stand-alone resources, or they can be complementary to trainer led trainings that will remain primordial to successful human learning and development. This mix of learning methods is called having a blended learning approach.

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