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TRAINING courses


Here are some examples of the trainer led training courses we have created, some of which contain e-learning modules and whose content, pace and format can be adapted to your needs.

As we specialise in developing training courses that suit the company and the individual, if you don’t see what you want here, contact us and we will design something for you.

Accent Conseil is a recognised "datatdocké" validated training organisation, with extensive experience in the creation and deployment of training to individuals or as part of a development program within a business.

All of our trainings are available in English or in French


Setting a goal for a specific task is one thing, defining and organizing a multitude of goals in complex projects is another. This training proposes a method of prioritization of objectives to have a common thread that leads to a successful project.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the ability to identify, understand, and manage your own emotions in a positive way to manage stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome challenges, and defuse conflict.  This training will give you the keys to develop your emotional intelligence in order to succeed.

Inherent in contractual relations between an employee and an Employer, employee evaluation is an explicit and tool-based approach to HRM, but it is also, when it is well managed, a process by which a company can promote its values. and encourage links between team members. This training reviews the legal framework but especially the skills and attitudes to master to make performance evaluation a winning - winning experience.


We have all experienced situations where colleagues with different goals and needs have clashed, creating animosity and wasting time. However, the fact that the conflict exists is not necessarily ONLY negative.  

This training will give you the tools to recognize, evaluate, defuse, solve and even learn through conflict.

We are all busy. We all have tight deadlines & last-minute demands & challenges to deal with, and we all need to know how to master time management tools to deal with those issues.

But mastering the tools isn’t enough, we need to develop and implement strategies and techniques to maintain our attention on using them effectively in order to make them key resources.

The motivation, cohesion and performance of a team are enhanced by the effective delegation of activities and responsibilities by managers.

This training will give you the keys to master the art of delegation to improve the performance of your team and yourself.

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On-the-job, one-on-one training in the workplace is the most effective way of enabling competencies in staff, and it has the added advantage of creating an inspirational environment.  

However, it requires the trainer to be able to adapt to the trainee, to the operational situation and the given objective for the training in question and that is what this one-day training course focuses on.

Trainer led training is evolving as blended learning strategies are implemented by businesses that aim to be real learner centric organisations.  

This training covers how to prepare a classic trainer-led classroom training using existing content and how to manage the dynamics of a group training session, but it also covers how to incorporate digital resources into training led training

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Because you have diverse talents among your employees, each with their own strengths and limitations, we propose to customise our existing training programs; to create new ones with you, or to combine several modules to better meet your  developmental requirements.